Start Planning for 2024 Now to Grow your Home Care Business All Year

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush around the holidays with many business owners taking time off from their business to spend time with family and recharge. It’s also an important time to develop your 2024 goals and plan so your business gets off to a great start. Here are three ways home services contractors can jump start sales early and continue to expand business throughout 2024:

1) Thank Your Customers with a New Years’ Offer.

Even if you have already sent out holiday greetings to your customers, plan a New Year’s campaign to your customers. This could include a discount on services, a gift card for booking a service appointment by a certain date or referring another customer, or other special promotions, which will certainly be appreciated by your customers when the holiday bills start rolling in.

2) Set Goals and Objectives for your Business and Measure Success.

Make sure your 2024 plans for your business are successful in the coming year by following these business best practices:

  1. Set clear goals and objectives. Goals should be quantitative, such as total revenue growth by x $, increase net profit by x %, or grow the size of your customer base by x customers. Objectives can include qualitative initiatives, including adding a new service, expanding your customer base in new geographic territories, and improving your corporate social responsibility efforts to give back to your community.
  2. Establish metrics to measure success. Make sure you can report and measure sales and marketing efforts, as well as review and analyze the results every month. This will help you and your team to achieve your goals and objectives, or quickly identify shortfalls so you can course correct to stay on target.
  3. Pick one or two new initiatives to implement. When you implement too many new ideas without the proper resources or budget, it can lead to failed programs and wasting costs and time. Select one or two new initiatives that you want to accomplish and make sure you have the proper resources in place to execute them successfully. And don’t forget to include at least one initiative focused on your employees, such as how to get the best performance from your staff, new programs that can attract and retain new technicians, or referral bonuses for current technicians to grow your staff.

3) Update your 2024 Sales and Marketing Plan.

It’s so easy to keep doing the same things to attract new customers and develop and retain those you already have. However, now is the perfect time to review 2023 sales and marketing results to better understand whether the efforts returned a positive ROI. Be sure to incorporate not just the hard costs, but the soft ones, such as your time and those of your staff, to get a true picture of your return on investment.

Then, update your Sales and Marketing Plan to align with your 2024 Goals and Objectives, expanding on the strategies and campaigns that produced the best ROI and eliminating or changing those that did not produce the expected results.

Add a new marketing initiative for 2024. If you haven’t tried paid online advertising or your business is not active on social media, add the new initiative to reach your target market. Or consider a new partnership to grow your business, such as joining a home warranty network of providers that can reduce marketing costs by offering customer leads at no cost.

Get started today on developing a marketing plan to grow your business in 2024 and beyond!