How it Works


It’s easy to work with our recruiting team.

Complete the initial application to provide some business information. One of our recruiters will call you to obtain additional data, including any d/b/a’s, tax ID, all applicable licenses, and other business information. Our recruiting team will review the information submitted and discuss what to expect in your contract, as well as what insurance is required for the type of services that you provide.

Tell the recruiter the zip codes for the regions you want to cover, as well as how many jobs you can handle each day. Territory and claim volume levels can change as the needs of your business change and grow.

We will work together to determine the most appropriate rates for the various services you offer, and when a proposal may be required for specific situations. We will also give you an overview of the on-boarding process.


Sign the contract to join.

Once paperwork is completed and proof of insurance is provided, Oncourse Home Solutions will send the service agreement for your review and signature.

Your business is added to our dispatching system along with the criteria provided for territory, number of jobs, services offered, and other information provided.


Receive real jobs.

When Oncourse Home Solutions receives a claim, our dispatching system determines the most appropriate provider to schedule the work and notifies the contractor.


Schedule and complete the work.

Depending on the service level requirements for the claim (emergency vs. non-emergency, for example), you will contact the customer to schedule the work within the designated time.

Once the job is completed, capture photos and videos of the work completed and upload in our dispatch system, as well as obtain a customer signature that the work has been completed satisfactorily.


Get paid quickly.

Once the job is completed, submit an invoice to Oncourse Home Solutions and get paid within 30 days or less.

It’s that easy to grow your business and revenues – and it’s free to join. Start the process today by completing the initial application and one of our recruiters will contact you.