Oncourse Home Solutions is a leader in the home protection industry, with nearly 2 million customers across 43 states. Since 1992, Oncourse Home Solutions has provided home owners with a sense of confidence and peace of mind through our home repair, maintenance and leasing plans. Our company maintains a high customer satisfaction rating.

about_page_image_technician_at_workThe key to our growth is the success of our network of independent service providers. We partner with companies across the country to service our customers with quality work and provide ample opportunities for our network providers to expand their business and credibility in the markets they serve. Our contractors, operating across multiple specialties, receive actual jobs at no cost. No need to waste money and time on cold leads or marketing – Join the Oncourse Home Solutions Provider Network. Once you are approved, start receiving real jobs in your designated territory for the services you provide.

We are growing and committed to continuing to provide the highest quality service to our customers and partners, and we need more qualified providers in all service areas to support our growing base of customers.

Oncourse Home Solutions has the infrastructure in place to effectively support you and your business, providing a state-of-the-art dispatching solution to manage customer claims assigned to you and the ability to use the same tool to manage your own customer jobs at no cost. In addition to technology, our support includes a team with significant field experience and a dedicated call center to answer your questions or support you on a customer claim.

Oncourse Home Solutions is YOUR partner. Our team is focused on helping you and your business by providing valuable resources on business growth and management strategies, ideas, tips, and other information so you can learn best practices to increase your business, hire qualified technicians, enhance customer loyalty, expand territories and services, achieve revenue goals, and more.

What else makes working with us special? In addition to our trusted and reliable brands servicing customers every day, we partner with cities, utilities, insurance providers, retailers, financial service companies, and member associations to service their customers, providing a steady stream of jobs year round for our network of providers. As you grow your reputation as a reliable provider within our network, you have an opportunity to establish long term relationships with customers to expand your business and services offered.

Why Join the Oncourse Home Solutions Provider Network?

There are many benefits for you and your business when you join, including:

Receive actual jobs. The claims we send you are for real jobs, not just referrals or cold leads that you need to spend time and money chasing. What’s more, our experienced contact center agents will gather the customer and claim details and you’ll be notified of the job, and you can access all of the information right in our dispatch system.

Gain access to an established and loyal customer base. Our base of almost 2 million (and growing!) member customers can provide a stream of work for your business. You set the number of daily jobs and geographic region you want to serve and can adjust the criteria as your business expands.

Get paid quickly and accurately. We pay our contractors for completed jobs in 30 days or less, improving your cash flow and saving administrative time and costs. Get paid for all services provided to our customers, including diagnostics.

Reduce time and costs. Reduce administrative time and costs sending out invoices and collecting payments from multiple customers. Simply invoice Oncourse Home Solutions and we pay you by direct deposit within 30 days or less.

“We joined in September 2019 with just one truck and a two-man team. In the past year we have grown to eighteen full-time employees and two part-time technicians. We have also moved into doing work outside of Philadelphia, which has allowed us to utilize our pipe bursting equipment and line pulling equipment.”Shaunton Punter, Owner
Transcend Plumbing L.L.C.

Easy to manage jobs with our dispatching tool. Our state-of-the-art dispatch system is an easy-to-use tool that enables Oncourse Home Solutions to communicate with each provider from notification of a new claim to the completion of a job. Our mobile app has been praised by technicians as a simple and efficient way to manage jobs and communicate with the office and customers. What’s more, it’s free to use for our Network Providers to manage our claims as well as your own direct jobs (and your customer data is only accessible to you).

Generate revenue to expand your business. With improved cash flow and more revenue generated per job, providers can invest in new equipment, hire more technicians, and expand territories to significantly grow their business.

Build a loyal customer base. Build your business’ reputation as a reliable and quality contractor to get repeat business for non-competing services and referrals to new customers.

Receive superior support. Our dedicated and experienced team of in-house claims and service specialists are available to answer your questions and customer matters. Whether it’s a question regarding a specific claim, coverage issues, or payments, we are focused on making it easy to do business with us and get paid. What’s more, we have regional field managers across the country who can help our providers get fast answers and approvals when needed.

Expand your business. The leadership team at Oncourse Home Solutions brings deep experience in home services and field operations. They understand the challenges our service providers face, and can offer advice, best practices, tips, and tools to help you effectively grow and manage your business.

“In the past year, my company has grown and expanded into excavation. My contract has given me the financial resources to purchase machinery, hire new employees, and venture into different markets.”Ryan Hughes, Managing Member
City Plumbing

Services Needed by our Customers

Our warranty, maintenance, and finance programs cover multiple areas in-home and outside the home. We are always looking for qualified contractors providing these services:


  • Outside Water and Sewer Lines
  • Septic Systems
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Indoor Plumbing
  • Gas Lines
  • Electrical
  • Wells
  • Generators
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Appliances & Electronics

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